A Career Teaching Music

A Career Teaching Music

A Career Teaching Music

In the ever expanding world of music, there are many career paths that one can take, but perhaps the least obvious or glamorous route is pursuing a career as a music teacher. Most musicians, artists or producers dream of a successful career as a self-selling artist and don’t spare much thought on how else they could use their skills. If you take a moment to consider everything that music involves, the range of potential topics you could teach is immense. From teaching music theory and performance, to technology, business and everything in between, having experience in any of those fields is highly valuable and should be passed on.

As soon as you reach a certain point of knowledge or experience and you feel that you would enjoy sharing this with others, a career teaching music is definitely with considering. The best way to learn is through experiencing a passionate, knowledgeable teacher sharing their skills and experiences with you. There is no formal qualification to represent experience and all the hours that are put in behind the scenes to prepare yourself to teach. This can only be truly shown through the teaching itself.

Having passion for your craft with experience to back it up sets you up nicely for a career teaching music. The final stage would be to study on a course to learn about teaching theory and practice and gain a formal qualification to legitimise your CV.

What Does A Music Teaching Career Involve?

You may be confident enough to stand up to explain and demonstrate a certain technique to a class but actually getting your students to understand what you are teaching is something completely different.

- Teaching involves planning and preparation.
- Teaching involves catering for all learners needs.
- Teaching involves applying different teaching styles to reach maximum learning potential.

These are just the basics of what it takes to become a music teacher. Learning is a lifelong process but to have a career teaching music is definitely reachable for those with a passion for music and a desire to help others enjoy the benefits.

How To Become A Music Teacher

It depends on how far you would like to go in terms of music teaching and education work. There are different types of music teaching at different levels, each requiring different experiences or qualifications in order to teach. For example, becoming a private tutor would generally require you to have a lot of knowledge and experience in the subject you want to teach whereas becoming a music teacher in a secondary school would require you to have a qualification. We often get asked “How Long Does It Take To Become A Music Teacher” but until you know what level you want to teach at, that question can’t be answered.

I’ve Decided I Want To Be A Music Teacher - What Next?

You can just offer your services as a private tutor on the skills you have or you can work your way to becoming qualified which will open up your opportunities and give you confidence in your approach on delivering a session. We offer the first step here at Community Music in our Music Leader Training Programme and it covers all of the points stated above and gives you real life opportunities to practice what you’ve been taught. This course is specifically tailored for musicians so you’ll be with other like minded people on a similar journey to you. You gain a Level 3 City & Guilds qualification in Education and Training (EAT) - formerly PTLLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector) which is the threshold qualification you need in order to work within the non statutory education sector or to access higher levels of training and qualifications. We don’t require any previous teaching knowledge or experience to access this course, we require passion for music and a skill you would like to teach.

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