A selection of three images, from left to right: two female students sit in the music production training room chatting, a man in his 20s tweaks the fader on a mixing desk in the studio, three students sit working at their music production workstations, two are working on a track together and smiling.

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CM works with around 500 young people every year. Our projects target a broad cross-section of artists from differing social, ethnic and educational backgrounds. Many are targeted to those who maybe at risk of social exclusion including NEET young people, those at risk of offending, unemployment & social disengagement. Participants can experience factors preventing positive participation in learning and employment such as lack of qualifications, being looked after or leaving care, facing housing issues/homelessness and criminal records.

Every pound makes a difference. Together, we can continue creating positive change through the power of music. Thank you for your trust in us.

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  • Bronze: £5 a month could provide a year of music lessons or essential gear for budding musicians.
  • Silver: £21 a month could fund music technology training or support mental health programs.
  • Gold: £125 a month could open dorrs to higher education or provide vital mental health sessions for three young individuals.