Corporate Social Responsibility at Community Music
Corporate Social Responsibility
CM works with around 500 young people every year. Our projects target a broad cross-section of artists from differing social, ethnic and educational backgrounds. Many are targeted to those who maybe at risk of social exclusion including NEET young people, those at risk of offending, unemployment & social disengagement. Participants can experience factors preventing positive participation in learning and employment such as lack of qualifications, being looked after or leaving care, facing housing issues/homelessness and criminal records. 

We work with a number of organisations to help address these needs and give encouragement to those who feel that they may not have any opportunity by equipping them with transferrable skills that will help them in gaining employment or training and boost a confidence that will inspire them.  

We will work with you to help you meet your CSR objectives. Benefits to your company can include staff engagement, supporting particular initiatives, and raising your charitable profile. 

You can:

Invest in structured, well established community learning programmes

Sponsor new initiatives to work with people most in need of support

Support the organisation as a whole to develop and expand

Help to reengage young people back into employment, education or training

With Community Music you will:

Have a real and lasting impact on your local community

Make a meaningful contribution

Raise the aspirations and potential of 100's of young people

See endless return on your investment