CM Alumni Nia Archives Receives Brit Nomination And Features On The BBC

CM Alumni Nia Archives Receives Brit Nomination And Features On The BBC

CM Alumni Nia Archives Receives Brit Nomination And Features On The BBC.

After her initial successes in being awarded Best Producer in the 2022 NME Awards and Best Electronic Artist in the MOBOs, Nia Archives ended the year with a BRIT nomination for Rising Star and kicked off the New Year being featured on the BBC after coming third in their 'Sound of 2023'. 

If you missed our last article about Nia Archives and her success in winning NME's best producer in 2022 you can check it out here.

No one can argue that the BRIT's is the biggest music awards ceremony in the UK. Especially with previous winners of the Rising Star award boasting star studded names such as Adele. Nearing the end of 2022 with NME's best producer award and a MOBO already under her belt, Nia Archives received a BRIT nomination for Rising Star. Alongside other nominees Cat Burns and 3 piece girl band FLO. According to The Independent Nia said: "Words can't describe how I'm feeling about being nominated for the BRITS Rising Star. Growing up and watching it on TV, I really never thought it could happen to someone like me.” You can see Nia's BRIT's Rising Star session in the video below.

With these amazing accolades achieved in 2022, what does the New Year hold for Nia Archives, I hear you ask? Well, she's already come third in the BBC's sound of 2023, with them saying that Nia Archives is "ushering in a new era of Jungle" and is well positioned to crossover into the mainstream music world within the year. With numerous performances lined up this year as well, I can't wait to see what happens next for Nia Archives!

The modern day world of music is extremely difficult to get yourself heard in amongst the endless amount of talented artists and producers, especially with the advent of music technology enabling so many more musicians to write, produce and release their music without the need for expensive studio sessions and record labels. It is my firm belief that the modern day artist needs to come up with something unique and special to really cut through the rest. Nia Archives' music definitely has this uniqueness and encompasses her as a person through the musical influences and relatability that shine through in her music. Taking inspiration from Jamaican sound system culture, British indie and of course the energy and backbone of Jungle Drum and Bass. Nia Archives has merged these influences to create her own sound. Pairing that with the relatable nature of her lyrics, she has created something new and exciting altogether. Nia told the BBC: "I love making club bangers but I want to make timeless music that I can listen to when I'm like 50 and go, 'Ohhh, that was actually a tune'."

I really think that Nia's humble nature and desire to always learn and improve is also a big factor in her success. In a recent chat we had with Nia here at CM, she talked about how much she learnt during her time studying our Creative Music Production And Business degree and maybe more importantly how the people she met here had a big impact on her musical progression.

I have seen Nia's determination and commitment to do her absolute best first hand, and always admire that strong work ethic that undoubtedly leads to success.

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