Unveiling The Visionary Behind CM Sounds

Unveiling The Visionary Behind CM Sounds

Unveiling The Visionary Behind CM Sounds - CEO Richard Clegg Features On Recent Podcasts.

CM’s very own CEO, Richard Clegg recently spoke on Liberty Music PR’s podcast about his journey that started with discovering a love of underground jungle drum and bass music, becoming a DJ and finding his own place in the creative industries. Now in his current role as CEO of one of Britain's original community music organisations, Richard discusses his passion for helping young people to discover what they're passionate about in the creative world and how CM as a charity can really help those who may not have had that opportunity otherwise. Whether that be young people attending the free weekly drop in music production and DJ sessions or those looking to pursue their future in the music industry at a professional level by joining the Creative Music Production and Business Foundation Degree offered at CM.

Richard was originally a student at CM when it was still a relatively new organisation and developed a love for performing as a DJ after discovering a love for underground dance music. He attended CM with fellow students and teachers that later went on to become the hugely successful band, Asian Dub Foundation. Richard went on to tour around the world with the band as their tour DJ as well as starting his own events and later on starting one of the first internet radio stations called PyroRadio. This led to Richard progressing into the field of marketing and promotion, not just in music but for other organisations as well, such as The Jamie Oliver Cookery School.

Apart from sharing his journey as a creative entrepreneur, Richard shares a lot of priceless advice and tips based on his years of experience which you can listen to in further detail in the podcast which can be found here:



Richard also participated as a guest on another podcast with The Smiley Movement, which discussed the importance of how music can be a crucial tool in helping those suffering with mental health difficulties. This really is such an important topic and the points discussed in this podcast are really interesting and helpful to listen to. You can check this out here:

Smiley Movement:

Speak Up episode 2: Music and the Mind.


I would highly recommend listening to both of these podcasts, especially if you're looking to get into the creative industries and to find out more about how music can be crucial in supporting those with mental health difficulties. There is so much valuable advice and inspiration to be found by listening.