We caught up with CueCue to tell us about her 'Rain Dogs' remix and her time on our Creative Music Production & Business Foundation Degree course.

‘CueCue’, a young producer and graduate of our Creative Music Production & Business Foundation Degree, is set to release a track she created whilst studying on the course. The track is a remix of Tom Waits’ ‘Rain Dogs’ , which has been given a 2019 revamp.

Matt Mars, the Foundation Degree Course Leader, knew it had potential as a release and set about getting permission - direct from the original writer, Tom Waits - to release it, enlisting a team to provide the promo video which features 6 colourful/surreal ‘rain dog’ characters running riot.

Out on all streaming platforms and YouTube 16/03/19

Here is a link to the Facebook teaser:


And the track itself:


We chatted with CueCue about her influences and how she made the track.

Hi CueCue, tell us about Rain Dogs:

People think I simply pitch shifted my vocal on the track. Actually I did and I didn’t. I recorded the instrumental track at a slow tempo, some of the notes of the original Rain Dogs are incredibly fast and I wanted to get all the detail. So I recorded it at a slow tempo then sang the melody at normal pitch. It was hard singing the long phrases! Then I sped everything up to get that voice to squeak.

What music scene do you most identify with?

I don’t really have one in particular. There’s a lot of different elements that I identify with within different scenes… I don’t think one overrides the other for me.

What DAW (Digital Audio Workstation do you use?

Logic Pro X

How did you get into music music?

My first experience of music making was when I began using Logic Pro back when I was in school… that’s where I grew a liking towards creating and exploring sound. We were always being given very specific tasks to do, so I think when I left school I took the opportunity to just make whatever I wanted.

I probably fell in love with hardcore beats watching old Thunderdome videos when I was younger. It was such an explosive sort of energy that I feel fuelled me with excitement in a way I had never experienced before.

What’s your favourite sound?

I love synth sounds, I use a lot of different software instruments and am always on the look out for new crazy sounds. I can’t think of a moment in particular when I got into synth sounds, I think I’ve just always been drawn to them. The energy they give is overwhelming.

You was on our Creative Music Production & Business Foundation Degree course, how did you hear about it?

I heard about it through a friend of a friend of mine.

Do you think that doing a music production course helped you progress as an artist/producer?

Definitely! I can’t think of a better way to add a broad range of skills and taking your music career seriously.

What next?

I’ll know it when I start it! I have some ideas in the pipeline and they are pretty different from Rain Dogs but I guess that’s to be expected as it is reworking someone else’s song. Let’s just say just as extreme in lots of different ways!

Where can we find you online?

You can catch me on the following platforms:

Instagram: @CueCue_Official

Facebook: @OfficialCueCue

Twitter: @CueCue_Official

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