Education Technology & Community Music

Education Technology & Community Music

Community Music CEO: ‘Have humility to keep learning’


At 16, Richard Clegg left school as a wannabe DJ with a noticeable lack of GCSEs. A few years later, he was ‘living the dream’ on tour with Mercury Prize-nominated band Asian Dub Foundation and now writes university degree courses. To his school teachers, he wants to say: “I told you so”.

This isn’t a fluke, but the result of hard work and being around the right people, he says, which is an environment he’s trying to cultivate for future generations as CEO of youth organisation Community Music.


“I want to help and support young people, whether that’s music or learning, or just transferable skills because we love young creatives, but we don’t expect them all to go on and work in the music industry. And our aim is to really ensure that they get some rounded skills and feel that they’re understood and supported. And then they can go on and make better decisions for themselves.”


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