Valance Drakes (formerly known as MusSck) is an experimental producer from west London who started making music in 1997 after being inspired by the releases of Delarosa and Asora: ‘Sleep Method Suite’, Aphex Twin: ‘Come To Daddy’ and Autechre: ‘Chiastic Slide’.

Seventeen years on, Valance is still experimenting and has developed a distinctively deep and complex sound that incorporates field recordings, vinyl samples and software glitches.

Following on from a steady stream of releases on labels such as Schematic, Luana, Alkalinear and Bedroom Research, in 2013 he released ‘The Fatherless Child’ EP on Detroit Underground Records which was a deeply personal tribute to a man who had a great influence on his life, his late Stepfather Kenneth Knight.

Valance has built up a strong overseas following, performing regularly outside the UK and gaining support from well respected names within the scene such as US modular synthesizer expert Richard Devine.

Valance is a graduate of CM’s Creative Music Production and Business foundation degree course and the Music Leader Training programme.

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