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The world we live in today revolves around technology. Creating music used to be the realm of professional musicians with extravagant budgets and access to studio equipment that mere mortals could only dream of.

Fortunately, this technological revolution now means that anyone with a musical idea and a half-decent laptop can produce tracks to rival any you hear in the charts. Chances are, the ones in the charts started on a similar laptop, probably using the same software!
This technology-driven levelling of the musical playing field has spawned a generation of bedroom producers, artists and DJs of which many will have the desire to pass on this expertise, inspire others and become great music tutors.

Having said that, becoming a music tech teacher is not as simple as showing a group of young people to knock up a beat on Logic or lay down a vocal on top of a YouTube instrumental!

At CM we want to help develop and produce well-rounded tutors, who understand that technology is a powerful and flexible tool that can be harnessed to achieve creative expression and fulfilment during their classes, and is not the sole reason for the classes happening in the first place! CM’s core ethos is to provide music making opportunities for people of all backgrounds and we aim to help those with a desire to become music tech teacher to utilize their skills and harness technology to help reach those who might not have access to music education otherwise.

If you have a passion for music, expertise you would like to share and are interested in becoming a music tech teacher, we’d strongly advise you to consider taking our Music Leader Training course. It is accredited by City and Guilds (EaT Level 3), is available in 24-week evening and 5-weekend intensive formats, and has flexible payment options available.

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