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Jobs For Music Teachers

Here we list some good websites for Music Teachers to find jobs.

Jobs For Music Teachers

When you type ‘Jobs For Music Teachers’ into google or other search engines, you could be searching days for that perfect music teaching job. You really need to understands exactly what it is you want to teach and where so that you can establish yourself in the best way possible for that position. There are a range of music teaching jobs out there so knowing this information will help you.

When someone mentions a ‘Music Teacher’ the average person would automatically think about their secondary school music teacher teaching the history of the waltz. The truth is, in reality, that is not the case because to count the different types of music teacher would be an endless task. For starters, you have so many different instruments, meaning there is a different teacher for every instrument. You have music studios, meaning there are teachers teaching how the studio works, gain staging, engineering etc.You have music production, performance, business - the list goes on - and they all create teaching jobs soo it depends on what you want to teach.

Simply looking for ‘Music Teacher Jobs’ isn’t specific enough these days unless you want to teach in a School. If you have a particular skill within music, why not teach it? There are part time music jobs out there and there is definitely a demand for ‘music teachers’.

Here’s a list of the most common websites that host ‘jobs for music teachers’

Music Teacher Jobs Websites

If you don’t have a teaching qualification already, check out our courses page where we offer a Level 3 City & Guilds qualification in Education And Training (EaT) which is specifically tailored for people who want to teach music.

or email for more information.

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