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Community Music Are Recruiting For New Music Space Programme

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Music Space programme! As well as a lovely new flyer and improved facilities, we’ve added a wealth of extra benefits to the development package to further assist the young music makers of London.

We are currently looking for young bands aged 14-19 to join Music Space!

Music Space is a unique music development project, offering FREE one to one support, rehearsal space, recording time and gigging opportunities to the young music makers of London.

With an eye on the ever-evolving nature of the music industry, we have added extra benefits to the package, not only helping young people to develop their songwriting, instrumental and performance skills, but also equipping them with the skills to be self sufficient and entrepreneurial.
Music Space will continue to offer free rehearsal space, professional mentoring and gig opportunities but will now assist young people to:

-    Build an artist/band website
-    Learn how to film and edit music videos
-    Shoot a portfolio of artist/band photographs
-    Learn how to promote music
-    Design an artist/band logo
-    Record and mix tracks
-    Print artist/band T-Shirts
-    Create a radio broadcast

Since the project began in 2008, Music Space has given numerous bands and performers a helping hand on their musical journeys, offering them a space to rehearse and refine their ideas, encouraging and knowledgeable mentors to guide them along the way, as well as regular opportunities to perform live and put it all into practice!

There have been obvious success stories - seeing two Music Space supported bands (Mammoth Sound and Red Kyte) take to the stage at the Royal Albert Hall for the Music For Youth Schools Proms gave us great pride and satisfaction, but overall we take great pleasure from seeing all our young people develop their love for music, maturing as musicians and human beings during their time with us.

We are looking forward to working with the next batch of talented young musicians!

Interested in joining Music Space?

For more information, contact Community Music:

By phone: 0207 377 0621

By email: for Project co-ordinator Trevor McKinley for general enquiries

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