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Music Space North

Music Space North offers the chance to learn an instrument, sing in a vocal group and perform live with other like minded young people all for FREE!

Music Space North offers free instrument and vocal tuition for beginners and intermediates aged 11-18, who live or study in Haringey and the surrounding area.

Every Tuesday evening from 5-7pm during term time you will get the chance to work with industry professionals to learn Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals in a fun and inspiring way, whilst also honing your performance, composition and songwriting skills.

What can I learn?
You can specialize in any of the following:

Guitar- Students on Music Space North will get to learn guitar by exploring songs that they know and want to learn. Learning about chords and song structure, whilst developing solo and improvisation techniques you will also work with other learners in the group to develop your own song ideas.

Drums- The cornerstone of any good band is a solid rhythm section. At Music Space North you will have the opportunity to learn kit drumming, developing skills in rhythm, song structure, fills and timing. You will develop the skills necessary to be able to perform in bands both during the academy and beyond.

Bass- The other mainstay of the rhythm section, Bass Guitar is an essential part of any band. You will learn techniques that will enable you to play with other musicians including rhythm/ timing, scales, song structure whilst studying classic tracks and developing new material.

Keyboard- The keyboard player is also an important part of the rhythm section and provides the chord progression on which the foundation of the song is based. Often the chords and top line melodies of a song are composed on a piano and the MIDI/USB keyboard is the standard instrument interface for all digital audio workstations, making it a vital tool in modern composing.

Vocals- Working with the vocal tutor, you will develop the techniques required to develop and maintain your vocals. Looking at popular music you will also explore lyric writing, song structure and performance techniques, and sing with others. You will get the opportunity to put their own spin modern tracks as well as continuing to develop their own song ideas.

Things to know:
- Small class sizes with no more that 5 other students

- Our tutors are professional musicians and trained teachers, and will be able to help you learn the thing you have always wanted to learn!

- You’ll learn the tracks YOU want to learn, and will work towards a performance to your friends and family when you are ready.

- Also access recording opportunities, band rehearsal facilties and other gigs too.

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