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The Sound of Your Company

KEYS SKILLS:        Creativity        Reflective Thinking        Working to a Brief        

This challenge is all about asking your staff to think about company identity and to develop a sense of ownership and belonging. Your company is unique - the people, the work, the environment, and this activity helps your team explore the life of your organisation, what it is to work in your offices and asks them to reflect that through music. 


The Day:

  • Before the day you will collect the sounds of everyday life at work
  • Learn how to use your everyday company sounds as the basis for original composition.
  • Ringing phones, background noise, a snippet from a conversation can all can be turned into extremely effective musical content.
  • Work with professional musicians and producers to enhance the track
  • Leave with a finished masterpiece



The Benefits

  • Promote positive associations with work
  • Develop the ability to think laterally - to plan ahead and turn the everyday into something compelling
  • Build a sense of belonging and ownership 
  • Leave with unique content you could use on your company website and blog
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