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Creative Thinking

KEY SKILLS:        Creativity        Lateral Thinking        Resourcefulness        Time Management

When resources are limited how can your team develop market leading ideas and products?

With a limitied palette of options your team will need to use their creativity, resourcefulness and inginuity to create a finished musical masterpiece! 

The Day:

  • Receive your brief and your musical weapons
  • Employ your powers of creativity to overcome the restricted options and build your sound palette
  • Use your environment as an instrument 
  • Use your limited options to record a track that meets the brief


The Benefits:

This day is all about building your team's creativity and ability to create something from nothing.

  • Improve your ability to think outside the box
  • See opportunity in adversity
  • Enhance your creative thinking
  • Develop resourcefulness
  • Improve your ability to work to a brief
  • Develop better time management skills
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